Hi, I'm Elisa Glez

Illustrator| Character Designer| Visual Storyteller| Gaia Shifter

Professional Illustrator by the day, protector of Earth by night and creative director of my own stories. 

Have worked in projects as: Mundo Panditas Ricolino , Raggs, Nissan, Santander, Trompos Cometa´s videogame "Cometa Kombat" and now I'm working in my own stories.

What story do you want to tell? 

"The world is full of magical stories waiting to be told and I will be delighted to bring to life  your ideas"

Need help with your project ?  let's talk   


It is more than just placing some brushstrokes and lines, it's magic.

Illustration can help you to tell a story,  describe a feeling without words  and bring your

ideas to life. I like to describe my style as fun, colorful and cute.


Product Illustration

Product Illustration

Genshin Fanart 

Kid Illustrations

Pet portraits

Seasonal Illustrations

Character design

I like to experiment and bring to life creatures, humans, critters that will help you to transmit your message to your audience.

They are the main actors of a story, they can be the mbassadors of your brand or even help you to fulfill your dream of being your own character.


Character development for a project | see more

Mascot design for Korean Cultural Center Contest finalist|  see more

Designs for Cometa Kombat

Mascot design for Uniplea University|  see more


I love to bring written ideas into illustrated stories.

It's fun to see how your words turn into something visual and make you travel into wonderful worlds.


"We all have a story to tell and I will help you to do so"

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at cookingkstar@gmail.com and will get back to you ASAP.